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About Us

A Proven Process

Our team combines a proven and stringent process to selling companies. By creating both broad and strategic auctions for businesses, we are best able to maximize the eventual enterprise value of the business.

Industry Agnostic

From manufacturing to software, our proven sell-side M&A auction process works regardless of industry or sector. We have completed deals in everything from oil & gas to established and profitable online retail.

Nationwide Services

By utilizing both software and an extended network of investment bankers, business brokers and M&A advisors across the United States, our team can service any deal in nearly any location, nationwide.

Licensed Intermediaries

Our team holds all the necessary legal licenses to facilitate your M&A transaction. Working with a licensed intermediary mitigates the risk for both buyer and seller by implementing more stringent and supervised controls into the sale process.

Extensive Database

With an active strategic and financial buyer database of over 60,000 and growing, we are able to tap into the right buyers for your particular transaction, regardless of their location. Many of them have seen previous deals we have presented.

Experienced Team

We hold over two decades of combined experience in strategic advisory for M&A transactions. Our experience spans across everything from pitchbook presentation to advanced merger negotiations. Our high close rate is a witness to our dedication and experience in mergers and acquisitions.